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2019 Staff/Volunteer Application Package


Shiloh Youth Ranch offers programming for "those living in high risk situations" kids and youth ages 7-18. We offer follow up programming throughout the school year that takes place in the City of Edmonton, as well as run summer camp programs at our ranch. Our ranch is located approximately an hour northeast of Edmonton, near Bruderheim, Alberta.


Shiloh Youth Ranch offers a horsemanship program, basketball camps, archery, field games, swimming, and a good ‘ol campfire time every evening with full live bands, speakers, skits, events, and mentoring sessions. With a focus on the old west our campers are bussed out to the ranch, stay in covered wagons, eat together in our dining hall and build lifelong friendships and memories.


We welcome friends from near and far to help provide the greatest week of our campers lives and to see them break free from addictions, homelessness, domestic violence and a life without purpose or meaning. As you connect with these campers and see the difference you can make, you will gain a sense of purpose and a deeper love for those in need. You must be at least 14 years old to be a camp counselor. Younger students are welcome but will be placed in other areas of service during the week.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.


Phone: 780-485-0005

Sincerely, Keith Johnston, Executive Director


As a staff/volunteer at Shiloh Youth Ranch, you are a role model, an example to those who attend, both staff and campers, as well as a witness to the reputation of the ranch.

As leaders at Shiloh a greater responsibility is placed upon us as campers will imitate our actions both at camp and during the year. Please carefully read over the following:

1. I will Respect the Authority of the organization’s leadership staff, demonstrating a willingness to take directions and serve.

2. I agree to abstain from sexual impurity.

3. During our summer camp program, I understand that all prescription and non-prescription drugs will be locked in a personal locker located in the staff room. This is for the safety of our campers.

4. I agree that I will abstain from getting drunk, using illegal substances, or using prescription drugs in an improper or impairing way.

5. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is considered a part of your personal & public life. I agree that I will be an “imitator of Christ” in my Social Media life. I will not post things that are ungodly, disrespectful, contain foul language, or glorify drugs or alcohol.

6. Shiloh Youth Ranch is committed to a policy of providing and maintaining a positive work environment free of sexual and general Harassment and Abuse.

Application Process:

Step 1: Fill out application.

Step 2: Obtain a police check and mail in.

Step 3: Interview with Shiloh Youth Ranch staff member.

Step 4: Once you are accepted, you will receive a letter of confirmation.

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Ignore the following if you have a fixed permanent address or are over 18 years old:
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WEEKS AVAILABLE: ALL VOLUNTEERS/STAFF ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND STAFF TRAINING FROM JUNE 21-23rd. Please check the weeks that you are available to work.


1. Clothes with symbols, words, or pictures that are gruesome or dishonorable may not be worn.

2. Pants and shorts must have a decent fit and be appropriate leg length. When you bend over, your pants should cover your underwear (say no to crack)

3. Tops shall be waist length or longer. No spaghetti strap shirts or low cut shirts. For ladies, your shirt should be high enough so that no cleavage can be seen when you bend over.

4. Men shall wear shirts while on the SYR grounds. The swimming pool is the exception.

5. Bikinis or otherwise skimpy swimwear may not be worn. (Runner’s tank tops are a great option for ladies.)

6. Footwear must be worn on the grounds except at the pool.


Is there a specific position that you would like to help contribute to?
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  • JR/SR High
  • Bible School
  • Technical School
  • College University
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Other
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Select the following in which you have training

Medical Information

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I, The Applicant, agree to the following:

1. There is no charge for minor medical attention performed by SYR staff. In the event a staff/volunteer requires special medical attention, xray, or treatment that is beyond the basic medical treatment given at SYR, the applicant (or applicant’s guardians) will be responsible for any additional expense for additional care or transportation. If the applicant is a minor, the parents/guardian will be notified immediately.

2. In case of emergency, I hereby give my permission to the physician selected by the Executive Director to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for the applicant named.

3. While precautions are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the applicant, in the event that an accident or misfortune occurs to the applicant, Shiloh Youth Ranch, its board members, staff/volunteer members, and facilities on or offsite the ranch grounds, are hereby released from any and all liability.

4. I give permission for Shiloh Youth Ranch to use any photograph or video of the applicant for promotional material.

5. I will work in harmony with the team and leadership of SYR. I will avoid gossip and slander, I understand that if I choose to disrespect anyone and be unwilling to accept correction, it can be grounds for dismissal.

6. Staff/volunteers are free to leave at the end of each week of camp, once ALL clean-up has been completed as a team (approx 3:30pm on the last day of camp. As a parent/guardian of a minor, I give permission for my son/daughter to leave the ranch property when authorized by the Executive Director or Management Staff of Shiloh Youth Ranch.

7. I have read all pages of this application and agree to the Terms of Employment/Volunteering, Fine Print, and Oath of Involvement


Application Checklist:

Please mail the following to:

Shiloh Youth Ranch ATTN Keith Johnston

#10-9625 60 Ave

Edmonton, AB

T6E 5N1

A recent photograph or clear photocopy

Copies of any first-aid, CPR, lifeguarding certificates, etc.

Completed police record check

Submit 2 Reference forms given to a mentor type person (teacher, pastor, family friend, etc) with answers to the Following questions:

Do not have them give them directly to you. Have them mail, fax or email directly to:

Shiloh Youth Ranch ATTN Keith Johnston

#10, 9625-60 Ave

Edmonton, AB T6E 5N1

Phone: 780-485-0005

Fax 780-485-0014

Email to:


1. How long and in what context have you known the applicant?

2. How well do you know the applicant?

3. Does the applicant appear to making positive life choices?

4. Do you feel she/he is able to connect well with others?

5. How would you describe his/her reaction to constructive criticism or correction?

6. Are there any positive or negative tendencies that we should be aware of?

7. To your knowledge, is the applicant appropriate in all his/her relationships with the opposite sex?

8. Would you want your child placed under the care and influence of this individual?

9. Do you recommend this person as a positive and productive candidate to work at SYR? Yes or No

10. Summarize the applicant’s character and/or make any other comments that you feel would be beneficial.

11. Please include all statements which you know to be true about the applicant. Feel free to add statements if the ones listed do not adequately describe the applicant’s characteristics.

Character: the following characteristics is evident in applicant’s relationships with people: love; joy; peace; patience; kindness; goodness; faithfulness; gentleness; self-control

Church Life (if applicable): attend regularly; attend sometimes, attend once in a “blue moon”; not sure

Family Life: loves family; contribute to family’s well being; foster family, group home, has no family; wishes they were in a different family; candidate is in right relationship with parents and/or siblings, family relations need work

Social Life: friendly; loner; enjoys considerable privacy; outgoing; shy; lean on others; has many friends; has a few friends, has very meaningful/deep friendships, gets along well with others, has difficulty making friends, enjoys a large group setting, enjoy a small group setting, prefer one on one interactions

Emotional Tendencies: level; irritable, irritable when tired, anxious, peaceful, easily discouraged, difficult to control temper, in control of emotions; on medication to control emotions; moody, happy.

Personality: introvert; extrovert; optimist, pessimist, creative, feels recharged when spending time with lots of people, feels recharged when spending time alone, initiator, aggressive, easygoing, critical, encourager, good sense of humor, disciplined, poor personal discipline, submissive to authority, cooperative, manipulative, easily intimidated, initiates conflict, peacemaker, opinionated

Work Habits: enjoys work; procrastinates, completes assignments; lazy; follows instructions; sloppy; perfectionist; detail orientated; does just enough to get by; takes pride in work; on time; often late; a quitter, rarely gives up; dependable; responsible; prefers to work alone; cooperates with others

Leadership Ability: With Peer Group: a follower; a pace setter; accept responsibility when asked; takes charge; is a leader; is a follower

Leadership Ability: With Children: exceptional; comes naturally; enjoys leading children, has never tried but would like the opportunity; afraid of children

Physical Condition-Health: rugged; average; tires quickly; frequent colds; on medication; health problems; allergies; disabilities; athletic, physically fit, trouble walking long distances

Physical Condition-Appearance: meticulous; pleasant; average; sloppy; neat

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